Short Film

'The Charm' (2017) - Blind Eye Productions

The story of Fiona and Leo and their on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again relationship.

Director: Alan Flanagan


'Garvey & Sayers' (2016) - Robert Greens Productions

A friendship that's actually a love story that's actually a friendship.

Director: Robert Greens


'The Red Line' (2014) - What Elephant Productions

Adapted from the Charlie Higson short story, the story of three Londoners whose lives intersect on one fateful Tube journey.

Director: Dave Tynan


'Super Brainy Zombies' (2014)- Chewing Sand Productions

A group of filmmakers have to put their zombie film on pause while they're massacred by a group of real-life flesheaters.

Director: Hazel Hayes


'Offline' - Cool Like Productions

Tragedy strikes a motley crew of office workers when the Internet goes down and they're forced to search for help, and actually interact with one another.

Director: Charlie McConnell



'Pindrop' (spec)

In the wake of a global catastrophe that kills all but the deaf, a disaffected lawyer struggles to untangle a conspiracy.


'Point Seven Two One' (spec)

A depressed teenager struggles to balance her family turmoil with her unique, infuriating superpower -- to travel mere fractions of a second back in time.