About Me

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About a decade ago I started writing in theatre, and have since moved into radio, film, television and even the occasional dash of poetry and prose.

Since obtaining a scholarship for Scriptwriting MA at Goldsmiths University, I've become a writer, script editor, and now co-producer on radio drama 'Dark Shadows' -- garnering nominations for the BBC Audio Drama of the Year and Scribe Awards.

In theatre, I'm artistic director of Refractive Lens Theatre, and through them have written and directed shows across London, at the Edinburgh Fringe, and at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival (where we've picked up a few awards).

My short films 'The Charm', 'Garvey & Sayers' and 'The Red Line' have been screened at festivals globally, while I've notched up a couple of years on the programming side of things helping put together Toronto's WildSound film festival. Through the festival I've also worked as a reader and now script editor working with writers to develop their ideas.

More recently I've been putting my short film skills to work as lecturer in screenwriting at Brighton University and Sussex University.

Right now my focus is on television -- with an eye for strange, wonderful ideas, from pure drama to sci-fi and comedy.

Basically, I like writing, and I do it a lot.